I am so thrilled with this gorgeous engagement session with Catherine and Jack I shot last month. They are going to be getting married later this year up in Camarillo and I am honored to get to capture their love story. A few years ago I shot Catherine’s cousin’s wedding so it will be fun to see everyone again for their big day. We had so much fun spending a warm sunny afternoon down in Laguna beach adventuring around and capturing this beautiful shoot. After a walk through the city we headed up to the Top of the World park for some sunset shots. I can’t get over how cute these two are, how gorgeous Catherine looks in that polka dot romper she wore, and how fun it was to spend the day doing their shoot. I am so excited for their wedding!!!

How did you meet?

We met at work- Jack and I work for the same corporation and we started in the same class. Our class is from all over for the country so we’d often fly back to Washington DC for weeks at a time.  Our class spent a lot of time together!  

How did you know she/he was the one?

Jack is just so caring and thoughtful.  There’s one particular moment that really solidified to me that he was the one.  So Jack and I were in a long distance relationship for the first year.  Being long distance, I always missed him a lot. My office was throwing an event at an Angels game, and I remember just being so bummed that Jack couldn’t go with me. This guy then flew from Iowa to Los Angeles for a single day just to take me to the Angels game, and to make me feel better. That’s when I really knew he was the one ️ – Catherine 

There really isn’t one moment that I can point to when I knew Catherine was the one. But I knew as soon as we started dating. I had known Catherine for a few years through work and we were really good friends. On my first trip to visit her, I had a blast as she showed me around her hometown and took me to some of her favorite spots as we explored life as more than just friends. At that point, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.  – Jack 

How did he propose?

My friends and I had a girl’s day planned (or so I thought) and we went and got afternoon tea and were supposed to go shopping then to dinner. My best friend then said she left her wallet at home, so we had to make a pit stop first. When we got home, the backyard was filled with tea candles and string lights. Music was playing and Jack was there waiting for me. It was so special. The best part is that my parents were there and my other best friend had helped Jack set up the backyard. Jack then had reservations at a restaurant and we all went to dinner and celebrated together ! 

Why did you choose your venue?

We fell in love with the venue as soon as we toured it. What stuck out to us most was the red barn. We loved the more rustic, homey feel and the convenience of having the entire grounds to ourselves, family, and friends. 

Why did you choose Whimsie Studios to photograph your wedding day?

We chose Sadi because we love her style. The way she captures light and how natural and airy her photos look is really what captured us. 

What was your engagement photoshoot experience like?

It was so fun! Even Jack who had to miss part of the Super Bowl said it was well worth it. Sadi is so friendly and very easy to communicate with!  She also really took the time to understand what our vision was. We very much appreciated that Sadi took her time and really made the shoot so fun. 

What are you most excited for on your wedding day?

Of course, I’m most excited to marry Jack. I’m so excited to become Catherine Boylan! I’m also just looking forward to being able to see my Pinterest board come alive and to be able to celebrate with all our close friends and family.  – Catherine 

The food! (And starting our lives together I guess – Jack 

Catherine and Jack’s Downtown Laguna beach engagement session