I am so obsessed with this adorable anniversary photoshoot we did with Alyssa and Andrew at the San Juan Capistrano mission. It was a beautiful day down there, gorgeous glowing sunshine and all of the flowers in the garden in bloom. We spent the afternoon meandering around the gardens and photographing some fun romantics for Alyssa and Andrew.

How did you meet?

Andrew: We met through my sister, Reagan. Alyssa and Reagan were sorority sisters together, and Reagan had been talking Alyssa and I up to each other for a while before we met. Neither of us was particularly interested at the time, but she kept trying. One day Reagan and I were with our parents at Disneyland, and Alyssa came and joined us later in the day. To be honest, I was in a pretty bad mood by the time she got there. It had been very hot, and we’d been out at the park since they opened, so I was not at all in the mood to meet new people. As the sun was going down, my parents wanted to head back home, but Alyssa and Reagan wanted to stay longer. Alyssa offered to give Reagan and I a ride home if we wanted to stay, and I said no, and left. This was not the best introduction, I’m sure. But a few weeks later, Alyssa needed a date to her sorority’s formal, and Reagan convinced her to ask me. I guess I redeemed myself then!

How did you get engaged?

Andrew: I proposed at the top and front of the Mark Twain Riverboat at Disneyland on Dapper Day in November of 2016. I’d been planning the proposal for weeks, and our friends Steve and Grace were in on the plan, and made sure a photographer was on hand to capture the moment. I didn’t decide where exactly inside the park I would propose, but when we were on the boat and I saw the view I knew it was the right spot. We took some photos at the front of the boat, and as Alyssa started to move away I stopped her, got down on one knee, and proposed.

Alyssa: I had no idea Andrew was going to propose! He had recently moved back to California, and although we had talked about a future together, I was so excited just to have him back home that I wasn’t even thinking about getting engaged! I remember mentioning that my dress might not arrive on time for Dapper Day, and maybe we could just wait for the next event in the spring, but he was quite persistent that I find a new dress! This was surprising because he usually has a very easy going personality. We had such a fun time taking pictures with our friends all over Disneyland, I didn’t even notice anything was up! After we were taking pictures on top of the Mark Twain Riverboat, Andrew grabbed my hand and started saying the sweetest things to me! When I finally realized what was happening, I was so shocked that I was shaking! He got down on one knee, and I said yes before he hardly had a chance to ask “Will you marry me?”!

Alyssa and Andrew’s Anniversary Photoshoot at the San Juan Capistrano Mission