When I met Jessica and Creston at their engagement shoot out in Joshua Tree we talked about this day and all their wedding plans. The months leading up to their event Jessica and I went over all the details, and I had the honor of helping her along the way. We talked invites, shoes, colors and details to help her create her dream wedding day.

On October 20th, Jessica and Creston tied the knot at Pine Rose Cabins wedding venue in Lake Arrowhead California surrounded by their family and friends. It was a gorgeous fall day, cool weather and romantic golden hour lighting made for the perfect day. I fell in love with Jessica’s color palette, taupe purple gowns and lots of ivory flowers and greener were the perfect compliment to her mountain wedding day.

How did you meet? Creston & I met online. I actually was looking for a way to delete my online dating profile & as I was searching through the website, Creston’s profile picture came across the page and I clicked on it. Even though I was over trying to find someone decent to spend time with, I decided to send him a message before deleting my profile. He responded right away and I told him I was deleting my profile so if he wanted to chat, he would have to text me. Both reaching out and giving out my number so fast was really out of character for me, so I know it was meant to be. We traded numbers and the rest was history. How did he propose?He proposed to me at Outback Steakhouse. Normally I would say restaurant proposals are boring (especially since we had just spent a week in Costa Rica with my family!) but Outback Steakhouse is where we met/went on our first date. It is also where he took my dad for dinner to ask his permission to marry me, so naturally, there wasn’t any place more fitting. He also wanted to surprise me and he knew I wouldn’t be expecting it since naturally I assumed he would do it in Costa Rica if he was ready. How did you know he was the one?I knew Creston was a gem when I didn’t want to tell my parents how we actually met & he told me that if my dad was the type of man I claimed he was, that my dad would appreciate the truth and know Creston’s true intentions, regardless of how we met. I knew he was the person I wanted to be my partner in life when we got in our first argument. I was frustrated and tried to get in the car and go home and he told me to get back inside his house because he loved me and regardless of what life throws at us, he would always be by my side & we would always face any problem together. Our first dance song is “Stay With You” by John Legend for this very reason. How did you find your venue?My mom actually found it on Google! The day after I got engaged I told her I wanted to get married in the mountains even if that meant finding a clear spot between the trees and renting some chairs. She sent me a link to Pine Rose and we took a tour a week later. It was the first and last venue we toured. It was perfect, plus more! What are you most excited for on your wedding day?We are most excited to celebrate our love & start the next chapter of our lives together with our closest friends and family who have supported us from before we met each other and then supported us even more together.

Jessica and Creston’s Pine Rose Cabins Wedding