Sadi is a hopeless romantic at heart, and that romance has blossomed into a love affair with photography. You can feel in her images the emotion of ever moment captured. Her focus throughout the day is to document every last detail, combining both posed and candid moments for a complete memento of the day. Brides and grooms are always taken aback at the feelings captured in her still imagery. She maintains a specialized company geared towards providing high end whimsical wedding photography and videography.

Kyle is an international wedding videographer who has shot films for the past seven years in southern California and all over the world. He is a soft spoken and kind hearted man who pours himself into his work and takes great pride in the incredible wedding videos he creates. His style of cinematography is very documentary and impactful, capturing real raw moments and lots of emotions. Want to see more of his work, check out our videography page. For the past twelve years the Whimsie Photo and Video team has been providing Southern California couples with luxury wedding photography and videography. We have a wonderful staff of 4 photographers, 3 videographers, a full time editor and a customer service rep. Our team works very hard to provide the best customer service possible as well as incredible wedding and portrait photography. We focus not only on the creativity of the job but also the overall customer experience. 

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